Project: 7th Grade Probability

Project Information

Project Title: 7th Grade Probability
Begin Date: 11/01/2000
End Date: 11/01/2000
Project Summary:

This project is a unit on probability which is based on our multidisplinary unit of Genetics. Hopefully, the students will develop a basic understanding of probability and be able to mathematically predict outcomes of events.
Technology Level: Advanced
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Technologies Used:

Other Video Conferencing
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At this time, the project is full.
Registration Acceptance Dates: 09/01/2000 to 09/01/2000
Number of Classrooms: 1
Age Range: 12 to 14
Target Audience: 7th
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Contact Information

Name: Jeanne Ludens
E-mail Address:
Position: Math & Science teacher
School District: Harrisburg
School City: Harrisburg
School State: South Dakota